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Director's Speech on Grand Opening

Updated: Jun 24, 2020



A Very good morning to all ladies and gentlemen.

It is such a blessed day to have everyone here today, to witness the opening of Blessings Care Centre for Postnatal Care, a journey to bliss confinement experience. We are very honored to have YB Dato Sri Hajah Fatimah Adbullah, Minister of Welfare, Community Wellbeing, Women, Family and Childhood Development, here today to grace our opening. It is indeed our greatest honour of all!

Women are strong. We are designed to cater tasks, challenges, difficulty in pregnancy, and pain in labour. A baby can be the best gift for a mother, but a postnatal pamper stay at Blessings can be a second gift to call best. Sometimes, there is hardly any time or chance for a mother to rest in confinement month, due to many reasons, we hope here at Blessings Care Centre, a mother can have at least one whole month of blissful rest here, call it a holiday, a honeymoon, or a babymoon. Here at Blessings, we make confinement experience our ultimate commitment goal, by eliminating the common fear towards confinement month, and transforming it into a pampered experience, where both body and soul are well taken care of under professional nursing care.

I personally enjoy confinement month a lot. It is a month, where mother can take the opportunity to rest, to heal, and to bond with the baby. Many see it as a difficult month but we believe it shall be celebrated and well treated! I was lucky enough to have a good confinement lady, which completes my pantang experience but how many of us can be all lucky to find good confinement lady? We know about the problem of ratio and the lack of confinement lady in the market, and that is why Blessings Care Centre is here to cater for the task. I really hope, all mothers can enjoy confinement month like how I do.

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce our co-founders, Mr Steve Ho, our Director who is also in charge of the culinary, and Jeff Chai, Finance Director. Many may be surprised of the presence of male role in Postnatal Care service but best believe, their vision from a husband’s point of view in confinement, is what to be believed – a substance that completes the quality of bulan pantang – definitely worthwhile! Next we have Jenny, our Centre Manager who is the icon here, the angel of our house!

We really want to thank many who supported us along the way, especially family and friends, and business partners. Without their help and support, it may not be easy to bring us to this day. We would also love to extend our appreciation tour team of head nurse and nurses, who are so ready to serve with passion. It is indeed, a beautiful day, to initiate this centre, with much love, affections and expectations!

There is so much to tell about Blessings, but which I am sure it can be told if you take a tour within our homely premises. Without further adieu, I would like to once again thank everyone for making this day happening, and remember, at Blessings, your confinement, is our Commitment.

Thank you.

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