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Themed Rooms 

An extraordinary confinement experience 

The road to recovery after childbirth can be exciting and fabulous with the themes of room to be chosen. Experience something that you don’t experience at home! 


Princess Dream

Experience to be treated like a princess in this heavenly themed room, the candy of blessings. 


Parisian Chic

Imagine the flamboyant living style of a Parisian mom, so chic and stylish that every modern mom will desire for. 


Oriental Charm

The jewel of Blessings, this room is the best pick of mom. Imagine yourself being pampered like a Queen here after giving birth, how fantastic that can be. 


Funky Stitch 

Go light and funky in this cartoon Stitch themed room, a favourite pick of all time. 



One of the favourite pick, so light and easy and comfy under the style of Nordic Scandinavian style. Definitely a treat.  



Dreamy pastel theme that soothes your soul, definitely a lovely pick. 


Cottage Dream 

Blissful postnatal care can start here from this light and breezy cottage themed room - very fairy-tale inspired indeed. 


Ocean Bliss  

Choose to poise and rejuvenate in this cheery and bright living cabin by the ocean bay, a unique feature that puts you away from the urban hectics. 

Themed Rooms: Our Services
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