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Your Confinement.
Our Commitment.

Good postnatal needs a community. Hence we are here.

At Blessings Care Centre, we care the most on your well-being after birth. We are the 1st Professional Postnatal Centre in Kuching, devoted to cultivate a blissful haven for mothers to repose, rejuvenate, and learn to become a new mother. Adopting only professional nursing team, we are committed to deliver the best to mothers and babies.

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Be with us.


Professional Nurse Baby Care 

  • Only certified nurses at service

  • Lead by profound Head Nurse / Matron

  • 3 shifts a day to ensure best performance

  • Ratio of nurse:baby / 1: 2 or 3 

  • Assessments for Newborn 

  • 24hours baby monitoring system

  • Body Temperature Measuring

  • Daily Activity Monitoring

  • Jaundice Level Monitoring

  • Defecation/Urination Detection

  • Baby Umbilical Cord Care

  • Data Collection & Nursing Advice

  • Cleaning & Sterilizing Daily Necessities

Comfort Hospitality 

13 Private room

2 Shared room

Our rooms are designed by Professional Interior Designer to ensure you stay in style and utmost comfort. We make sure every room has an en-suite bathroom, making this our unique specialty like no others. Different concepts/themes are introduced to provide diversity of choices, to make your confinement stay a memorable one. 

5 meals a Day 

Stay with peace of mind where your baby is well taken care of, and you can rejuvenate and served with 5 nutritious meals a day, all prepared by in-house professional chef, according to balanced dietary designed for postnatal care. 


TCM supported 

Our program and dietary is healthily governed by Traditional Chinese Medical Nutritionist. With support of 蔡医师 and 刘医师, our centre is curated in a balanced program, combining the essence of Traditional Chinese Confinement needs and modern scientific approach of postnatal care. 

Support Community

We believe in a good community for postnatal care. At Blessings we create programs that will benefit mothers during the stay, such as postnatal yoga, health seminars, workshops, classes, and even parties! 

Pamper & Rejuvenate 

Postnatal month is all about rejuvenate and recovery. Enjoy the in-house relaxation services such as postnatal massage, facial care, hair & scalp care at our Rose Suite, a beauty parlour equipped with massage bed, hair wash and blow station in an utmost blissful state. 


Breastfeeding Friendly Community

We are breastfeeding friendly community that supports every little tiny steps to make breastfeeding a healthy culture along the journey of Postnatal. Nurses will conduct proper guidance to new mothers, and support mothers in every way during the month. 

Fullmoon Party Venue 

Complete your wonderful confinement month with fullmoon party right at our rooftop, overlooking Kuching city skyline at sunset and night. We ensure your convenience with care-free party-pack, and South Kuching skyline that is called our own. 

Malaysia Postpartum Care Association 

Blessings Care Centre is proudly the first batch of committee of MPCA (Malaysia Postpartum Care Association), to play a role in the postnatal care industry in the country, together making this field a professional service devoted to the wellbeing of afterbirth mothers and babies. 

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Blessings Mommy 

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Blessings Mommy 

Home: Testimonial



Blessings Mommy 

Home: Testimonial

All the nurses, housekeepers are very friendly, helpful and attentive. They put much effort to take care of my baby and make sure we stay in comfort condition and environment. Thank you very much. The food is also very delicious. I love it. 

Xin Rui

Blessings Mommy

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57, Jalan Chawan, Lorong 5a, 93300 Kuching, Sarawak.

+6014 6053133

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We are so grateful for the time has had at the centre. Thank you all for taking such great care of  me and my child. Thank you so much for all you have done for us during confinement period. We are so happy to be back (here). And we are so happy that my baby is well loved and taken care by the ladies! 

Pei Ling 

Blessings Mom

Home: Testimonial
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